Finnur Dellsén

The Nils Klim Prize 2019 is awarded to the Icelandic-Swedish philosopher Finnur Dellsén for his research in the fields of philosophy of science and epistemology.


Paul Gilroy

The Holberg Prize 2019 is awarded to the British scholar Paul Gilroy for his research contributions to cultural studies, critical race studies, literary studies and related fields.


Oslo City Steiner School

First prize in the Holberg Prize School Project 2019 was awarded to Felicia Wolden Hoel and Silje Haugerud from Oslo City Steiner School.

News Holberg Prize

Baroness Onora O'Neill will take part in the Prize Winner Conversation on 4 September, 2019, in Bergen. We are pleased to be able to publish her 2017 Holberg Lecture here, in full.

The Holberg Prize is very pleased to publish the speech delivered by Sir David Cannadine, President of the British Academy, at the 2019 Holberg Banquet.

Nils Klim Prize News

2019 Nils Klim Laureate Finnur Dellsén's Acceptance Speech is published here in full.

The Icelandic-Swedish philosopher Finnur Dellsén is awarded the Nils Klim Prize in 2019 for his research in the fields of epistemology and philosophy of science. We have asked Dellsén a few questions about his work, the difference between knowledge and understanding, and why it is sometimes necessary and healthy to disagree.