The Holberg Symposium 2007: Ronald Dworkin

Publisert 17.08.2009
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 09:30
Auditorium 1, Dragefjellet, University of Bergen
Practical information: 
Free Admittance.
The Symposium was held in the honour of the 2007 Holberg Laureate, American legal scholar Ronald Dworkin.

Tuesday 27. november 09:30-15:45

Stephen Guest, Professor of Legal Philosophy, University College London (UK), Home Page
Dietmar von der Pfordten, Professor of Legal and Social Philosophy, University of Göttingen (Germany), Home Page

0930-0935: Introduction (mp3)
Professor Jan Fridthjof Bernt, Chair of Ludvig Holberg Memorial Fund, and Professor Stephen Guest

0935-0950: Law and Political Morality (mp3) / (video)
Professor Ronald Dworkin, Holberg Prize laureate 2007, Frank Henry Sommer Professor of Law, New York University and Jeremy Bentham Research Professor in Jurisprudence, University College London

0950-1035: Justice in Robes: Integrity and the Rule of Law (mp3) / (video)
Jeremy Waldron, Professor of Law and Philosophy, New York University School of Law (USA), Home page.

1035-1120: Equality in Ideal Moral Theory and Real Political Practice (mp3) / (video)
Peter Koller, Professor of Legal and Social Philosophy , University of Graz (Austria), Home Page

1130-1215: Equality of Respect and Hate Speech (mp3) / (video)
Rebecca Brown, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University (USA), Home Page

1300-1345: Equality and Choice Sensitivity (mp3)
Seana Shiffrin, Professor of Philosophy and Law, University of California Los Angeles (USA), Home Page

1345-1430: Objectivity (mp3) / (video)
Thomas Nagel, Professor of Law and Philosophy, New York University (USA), Home Page

1440-1525: Religion, Dignity and the Secular State (mp3) / (video)
Rainer Forst, Professor of Political Theory and Philosophy, University of Frankfurt (Germany), Home Page

Symposium coordinators: Professor Stephen Guest, Professor Dietmar von der Pfordten and Associate Professor Synne Sæther Mæhle (University of Bergen), Home Page.