Saturday 2. December 2017
During this year's Holberg Debate, John Pilger, Julian Assange og Jonathan Heawood will discuss the presence of propaganda in news and social media, and its democratic implications.
Thursday 28. September 2017
On 28 September, the Holberg Prize will co-present a facilitated conversation between 2016 Holberg Laureate Stephen Greenblatt, literature professor at Harvard University and Shakespeare scholar, and the American playwright Tony Kushner.
Wednesday 27. September 2017
On 27 September, the Holberg Prize and the Norwegian Consulate General will host a reception at the Consul General’s residence.
Friday 22. September 2017
Holberg Laureates Stephen Greenblatt and Manuel Castells will discuss the status and importance of research in the social sciences and the humanities, from the perspective of their respective disciplines.